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Sept 4, 2001

RockStarGirl75: Hello, everybody. I'm here with Mark Wahlberg, and we're going to talk about his new movie, 'Rock Star.' Mark, thanks for joining us. Welcome to AOL Live! Thanks for your patience, everyone! Send in your questions about his new movie, "Rock Star."

Mark Wahlberg: Hi there. I'm happy to be here. I play the lead singer in a tribute band -- and of course, a lot of interesting things happen along the way. It's about a guy who's searching for his own voice and identity.

Question: Mark Wahlberg, you are my idol. I have idolized you since I saw 'The Perfect Storm.' You are the BEST actor in the world and I love you!!! What was one of your favorite things about filming 'Rock Star'? Your number one fan, Amycate from DE.

Mark Wahlberg: Getting to live the character -- hair and clothes -- so I stayed in character for six months.

Question: Mark Wahlberg, I might be there when you're filming the Regis show... look for a 15-year-old blonde. :) My question is: What was your favorite scene in 'Rock Star'?

Mark Wahlberg: When I'm practicing my English accents in a mirror. That was fun.

Question: What actors inspire you?

Mark Wahlberg: Steve McQueen, James Cagney, John Garfield, Robert Duvall, Ed Harris, Edward G. Robinson...

Question: What was more fun to film, 'Rock Star' or 'Planet of the Apes'?

Mark Wahlberg: 'Rock Star.' I literally got to be a rock star. Not that I wanted to be one when I was smaller. Gave me something to dream about in the future.

Question: What is your favorite film project to date?

Mark Wahlberg: My favorite film project is 'Rock Star' -- it's such an amazing ride. You don't have to love rock 'n' roll to enjoy this movie.

Question: How do you feel after you have been an inspiration for all of us?

Mark Wahlberg: It's wonderful.

Question: Is the character you play anything like you?

Mark Wahlberg: Yes and no. But I won't tell which. :)

Question: Hey, my name is Brittany and I'm from Mass. Was it your dream as a kid to become an actor? How has it changed your perspective on life? Which movie did you enjoy making most?

Mark Wahlberg: It wasn't a dream of mine. I never dreamed I'd be an actor. It changed the way I looked at a lot of things -- and I enjoyed making 'Rock Star' the most.

Question: If you won the Oscar, where would you put it?

Mark Wahlberg: I'd put it in the bathroom.

Question: I heard George Clooney produced 'Rock Star.' Was he ever on the set goofing off like usual?

Mark Wahlberg: Yes. Yes, he was there when there were a lot of girl extras. :)

Question: In 'Boogie Nights,' were there any moments where you felt completely awkward? Or did you feel comfortable?

Mark Wahlberg: I felt comfortable. The rehearsal was enough for me to feel comfortable with everyone. By the time we got around to shooting, I was fine.

Question: Mark, I am one of your biggest fans! You are the most amazing and sexiest celebrity out there. Well, my question is: Has this movie in any way changed your feelings about how the music business is right now with like so much controversy and stuff like that?

Mark Wahlberg: This movie didn't, but my experience in the music business... well, my opinion hasn't gotten any better. I don't really want anything to do with the music business.

Question: Was it weird kissing the ape?

Mark Wahlberg: No, it was fun.

Question: Has your past music career helped you with filming the movie? Thanks, Tana.

Mark Wahlberg: It made me feel comfortable onstage, but it was a completely different genre. It did -- and it didn't.

Question: I've heard there is a movie that you and Donnie are interested in called 'The Winterhill Gang' about a gang from Boston. Any truth to that?

Mark Wahlberg: No, no truth to that.

Question: Do you enjoy being an actor? If you were not an actor, what would you want to be in life?

Mark Wahlberg: I enjoy it, but I'd rather be a professional athlete.

Question: What are your plans after promotion for 'Rock Star' is done? Will you finally get a vacation? LOL

Mark Wahlberg: Yes, after the movie's release, I'll be on vacation.

Question: Which person have you enjoyed acting with in the past in your movies the most?

Mark Wahlberg: Timothy Spall, who's in 'Rock Star.'

Question: What was it like playing a stalker in your movie with Reese Witherspoon?

Mark Wahlberg: Yeah, that was a lot of fun. The stalking part was the most fun.

Question: I love the diversified roles you choose to play, from boyfriend-stalker, porno actor, fisherman, to a planet of apes. What would be your ideal role?

Mark Wahlberg: I'd love to play a boxer or professional athlete, because I can't be one.

Question: Mark, will you be at the premiere in San Francisco tomorrow?

Mark Wahlberg: Yes, I'll be there.

Question: What do you, being a professional actor, consider the hardest part of acting?

Mark Wahlberg: Doing publicity.

Question: Hey! I was wondering what advice you have for people who are actors and actresses who have experience and want an agent to get started in the movies and TV.

Mark Wahlberg: Have a friend like George Clooney. :) The great thing about films and acting is you don't have to be a certain age or certain type. Just focus on the work and take it seriously. Stay busy -- you have to be willing to work harder than the next guy.

Question: What bands did you study for the role?

Mark Wahlberg: Collective Soul. Then I watched every ‘Behind the Music,’ Ozzfest, everybody. Anything I could go and see live, I was there.

Question: What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Mark Wahlberg: A movie called 'A Truth About Charlie' at the end of this year. I have lots of stuff planned.

Question: Is that your real voice singing in 'Rock Star'?

Mark Wahlberg: Most of it, yes.

Question: Mark Wahlberg, you are my idol. You have made my life happier and more worth living. I love you more than I can express. My question is: What kind of music do you like to listen to? Your number ONE fan forever and ever, Amycate.

Mark Wahlberg: I mostly listen to reggae and hip-hop. I'm into everything.

Question: Were you born in the Boston area of Massachusetts?

Mark Wahlberg: Dorchester -- in the 'hood.

Question: So how long did it take to shoot the movie?

Mark Wahlberg: Prepping and everything, just over six months.

Question: I have always admired celebrities who keep their faith, because I am a strong Catholic, and I wanted to know how much influence your religion had on the movie roles you take? For example, what did your priest have to say about 'Boogie Nights'?

Mark Wahlberg: He gets it. He has a sense of humor and knew it was an important story to tell. The most important thing: Keep your faith.

Thanks so much for your questions. I enjoyed being here. Good night, everyone! Thanks for joining us.

AOL LIVE: Hey, guys, be sure to check Mark out tonight on the Jay Leno show! And be sure to see his awesome movie, 'Rock Star'!

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